The Software Campus is a prestigious training program for master’s and doctoral students in computer science, preparing them for leadership roles. The program, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is a collaboration between 21 universities, research institutions, and companies. Participants lead their own IT research project, managing the process independently with support from research and industry partners. They also participate in executive training and receive personal mentoring from experienced leaders.

This year, our PhD student, Md Abdul Kadir, has achieved a significant milestone. His project idea has been accepted for the Software Campus project funding. Abdul will be collaborating with DATEV eG, a leading tax consulting company. His project focuses on developing a model-agnostic explanation tool for unsupervised tax fraud detection machine learning models. This tool will help identify feature attributions in tax data and explain the decision-making process of the tax fraud detection model to tax experts in natural language, thereby increasing the transparency and interpretability of machine learning-based tax fraud detection use cases.

Md Abdul Kadir from IML (on the right) together with other Software Campus participants

Software Campus 2023 group picture