These rules apply for all theses assessed by Prof. Sonntag as the first reviewer. While working on the bachelor’s thesis, you participate in two seminars, namely the accompanying research seminar (Forschungsseminar) and the Bachelor/Master seminar (Oberseminar). When writing a master’s thesis, you only participate in the Bachelor/Master seminar.

Research Seminar / Forschungsseminar

In the research seminar (Forschungsseminar 2.01.801-D), we discuss fundamental topics of a basic research proposal:

  1. A synopsis of the proposed project, including the rationale for the proposed research, a statement of specific aims and objectives (hypotheses or research questions), the experimental approaches to be used, and the potential significance of the research.
  2. Specific aims, to provide a clear, concise point-by-point summary of the aims of the research proposed.
  3. Background and significance: You explain background information necessary to understand the proposed project and its significance in relation to long-term research objectives.

Also, you provide a tentative sequence or timetable for the investigation. As a result, you provide a 20-minutes related work talk (plus discussion).

Bachelor/Master Seminar / Oberseminar

In the Bachelor/Master seminar (Oberseminar 2.01.AM-56), we focus on the research question. (1) The preliminary data collection and qualitative evaluation: You can succinctly describe preliminary experiments that justify the rationale and/or demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed research. (2) Experimental Design and Methods: We discuss in detail the experimental design and procedures together. The technical architecture may belong to this experimental design. Master students provide a 20-minutes related work talk within three months. As a final result, you give a 30-minutes final presentation (plus discussion) before submitting the thesis.

Bachelor’s Thesis (12 CP)

Prerequisite: 120 CP

Master’s Thesis (30 CP)

Prerequisite: 60 CP

Detailed Procedure

Finding a topicFind a suitable topic on our website (or propose your own) and contact the responsible researcher (advisor) to discuss the topic and ask clarification questions in a first meeting.
AgreementAn agreement about writing a thesis is prepared by the student (3-4 weeks) and signed by the advisor and the student. It shall contain:
* A description of the topic
* The goal of the thesis
* Organizational aspects and requirements
* The structure of the work (sections)
* Milestones and time planning
* Literature
* Legal aspects
Research seminar (3 CP)The research seminar (PB 216 Forschungsseminar) must be included as part of a bachelor’s thesis. Typically, the research seminar is finished before registering the thesis. We recommend conducting a literature survey prior to registering the thesis. Requirements for passing the seminar:
* Written report on the related work
* Final talk that presents your findings (related work talk)
(for bachelor students only)
Thesis registrationRegister your thesis. You need 120 CP (bachelor) or 60 CP (master) before you register your thesis.
ThesisThis is the main phase of your thesis work. You must finish all software developments and write your thesis. Further, you are required to attend the accompanying seminar on a regular basis.
(4 months for bachelor, 6 months for master students)
Defense TalkThe defense talk is part of the accompanying seminar and takes place before the thesis is submitted.