At the Praxisforum Digitalisierung, we presented our latest advances in the field of Interactive Machine Learning. This half-day event, which took place at the event location CORE in the heart of Oldenburg on Friday, 12th April, was an interactive event for companies of all sectors to exchange knowledge and receive suggestions for digital solutions. After a short keynote, more than 200 visitors were invited to see, test, and interact with exhibited live demos.

Our team of researchers opened the doors of CORE IML and presented different demos in the field of Interactive Machine Learning, such as the contextualized image captioning (Aliki Anagnostopoulou), the multi-camera system (Lara Ahrens) and the potential of interactive data visualization and ML training in Virtual Reality (Rida Saghir). Siting Liang presented how digitalized clinical documents can be used in a faceted search, using information extraction techniques to structure the documents and efficiently find suitable test subjects for clinical studies. Ilira Troshani highlighted the effectiveness of weakly supervised learning and active learning for classification and annotation of bioacoustics data.  The emotion detection Face Gym (presented by Sara-Jane Bittner) invited visitors to try different exercises featuring the training and recognition of emotions or the movement of muscles of the face.

It was an insightful event, which enabled us to show some aspects of IML’s work to a broader audience.