Academic Research

Daniel Sonntag
Principal Researcher & Research Fellow
Hans-J├╝rgen Profitlich
Senior Software Engineer
Fabrizio Nunnari
Senior Researcher
Michael Barz
Researcher, PhD candidate
Alexander Prange
Marimuthu Kalimuthu
Research Assistant
Incremental fine-tuning of neural machine translation and speech-based dialogues.
Mira Niemann
Research Assistant
Cognitive assessments, analysis of speech and electrodermal activity.
Muaz Muhammad
Research Assistant
Interactive machine learning in VR
Divyam Saran
Research Assistant
Multimodal human-machine interaction
Maximilian Biwersi
Research Assistant
Web/UI development and data annotation tools
Carolin Grieser
Research Assistant
Cognitive assessments, handwriting recognition and ink behavior analysis.
Syed Mehran Hussain
Research Assistant
Gaze-guided object classification
Sven Stauden
Research Assistant
Search target inference in mobile eye-tracking.
Sandra Sukarieh
Research Assistant
Multi-stroke sketch recognition applications.
Fei Chen
Research Assistant
Virtual Reality applications and 3D interaction with Oculus Rift.
Henrik Bergmann
Research Assistant
Augmenting virtual reality with interactive representations of tablet and smartpen.
Waleed Ahmed
Research Assistant
Pen-based interaction with mobile devices
Sourav Dutta
Research Assistant