We are conducting a user study and search for participants. Do you want to participate?

When?October 08 – October 16
Where?At DFKI Saarbrücken
How long?~ 1 hour
What do I get?15€
Requirementsfluent in reading English text
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We are happy that you want to participate in our study! There is one requirement: you are fluent in reading English texts (intermediate to advanced level). This means that you frequently read English texts, e.g., news texts or Wikipedia articles, and that it’s easy for you to understand them.

Send an email to register for participation.

Additional information

If you participate, we’ll ask you to sign the following document on-site. With your signature, you allow us to use your anonymous data in our research. This means, we don’t know which dataset was your’s. If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask!

Your health is important!

Addressing the current situation due to COVID-19, we follow a hygiene concept to protect your health. Hereby, we follow the general rules from DFKI (see below). This includes, disinfection of all shared materials (computer mouse, pens, surfaces), room ventilation between each session, etc. There will be only you and the two experimenters in the room (49m²).


Michael Barzmichael.barz@dfki.de Organization
Maximilian Biwersimaximilian.biwersi@dfki.deExperimenter, Registration
Omair Bhattiomair_shahzad.bhatti@dfki.deExperimenter, Registration

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